Tuesday, 8 May 2012

PawanKalyan to create sensation with dances...

Pawan Kalyan is not a bad dancer, but these days he hardly shakes his leg. He is reluctant to dance and simply walks in most of the songs. Of late in the pretext of giving his best with alround performance and offer a promising treat for fans, he has been shaking his legs.Panjaa and Teen Maar Pawan clearly shows the efforts from powerstar, though they look substandard and below par. Gabbar Singh is going to be a treat for Pawan fans that are waiting to see Power dances. Going by the song teasers, Pawan Kalyan danced in each and every song, as DSP vent out just the dancing beats. Among all, DSP put his bet on Pilla song, for whatever reasons(because he penned it?). It is going to create sensation, he told. “Damn thrilled watchin "Pillaa" song yday! The cutest picturised mass song! PA1 rocked like never b4.!! Thanx to Harish n Dinesh master..!!” Devi told. “The signature step of "Pillaa" wl undoubtedly catch up like fire right from Kids to youth to elders..!! Dinesh Master Rocked..!!” he added.

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