Sunday, 6 November 2011

Power star's PANJA Story

 The best rumor in Film circles floating from last 48 hours is about pawan kalyan’s new project ‘Panjaa.’ Yes, the movie is known to be unofficially inspired from Hollywood flick ‘The Punisher.’ Given the stylish taking of Vishnuvardhan and depth of concept in the original version, definitely there are chances of ‘Panjaa’ turning out to be one such film for which Power Star Fans are waiting from a very long time.

The most exciting point in ‘Panjaa’ will be that hero character of pawan kalyan will be killed with in first fifteen minutes as the movie starts. This is a dynamic task because a star like Pawan getting his role ended in very start will have to be taken from an experiment point of view. Then remaining part of flick runs on unraveling the mystery and identity of Pawan, who will be an undercover RAW Agent on duty to erase Mafia.

Knowing about the technical excellence of director Vishnuvardhan, inner sources say that first action scene in ‘Panjaa’ leading to the death of Pawan’s character is most stylishly picturized.

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