Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Heavy Fight for Gabbar Singh Fans Show Tickets

The fever is coming to climax finally with the release date of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's upcoming movie getting finalized. As usual, there seems a heavy fight between different groups to watch that first day first show.
Hyderabad's Sriramulu theatre takes the first place always when it comes to benefit shows which usually start from 7.00 in the morning. These shows are sponsored by fans and tickets are sold at high prices more than 2000 rupees. However, the theatre management is not giving the whole show tickets to a particular association this time. As Pawan has a fan association from each gully, theatre sleuths are finding it difficult in allocating tickets, reveals a source. To get a Fan-Ticket, many people are finding it difficult to pressurize the authorities even.
Interestingly, a noted association from Ameerpet area is auctioning the tickets and price may fetch somewhere around 5K, as per the current expectations.

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