Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gabbar Singh Advance Booking in Nellore Leads To Police Lathi Charge

As Gabbar Singh is Releaseng Tommorow Advance Booking Open In Nellore S2 Multiplex
Which lead to lothi Charge in nellore. There were about 500+ people at the gates from morning 6
and when the gates were opened, there was huge rush at counters which could not be controlled by 
theater management and police interfered and lothi charged on them to get ino control.
But as they are Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Fans no one could stop them and police also left the
theater saying Gabbar Singh Fans Uncontrolable.
This is the only scene in Nellore You ca expect this Every where around A.P
Lets Hope Good luck for PSPK A Good LUCK

The following video Tells You About the i was in LIVE

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