Friday, 13 April 2012

Racha Just Trailer & Gabbarsingh will show Movie

Ram Charan's Racha has been doing exceptional business all over. There is no noticeable drop in collections even after seven days. The film is running to packed houses despite being released in many theaters. Mega fans are extremely happy with Racha's success and they are now eagerly waiting to watch Gabbar Singh's Racha at BO.

When Ram Charan's average movie can do these many wonders with a wide release, what can Pawan's film do with a good talk? This is the hottest discussion topic among the Tollywood lovers. None of Pawan's movies received good positive talk on the first day in the last decade. Even then Pawan's craze has been multiplied irrespective of his films performance.

Even other heroes fans agree that Pawan has immense craze and all he needs is a decent talk to pull off a blockbuster. Gabbar Singh looks more than promising in that aspect. Hence, fans are confidently saying that Racha is just a trailer and Gabbar Singh will show the real movie to one and all.

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