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Read before buying a cheap tablet PC in India

cheap pc in India

Many people are looking for cheap tablet pcs all around the world particularly in India, the search for cheap tablet pc is growing everyday. To satisfy this need, many online shopping websites are displaying cheap tablets with 7 inch wide screen and Android OS. When you look at the way they displayed the tablets specification and other useful features with the very low price tag, there are big chances to take immediate decision to buy that one in the hope of buying a real alternative to an iPad. But, read this story before you make such a buying decision.

10 Reasons why you should avoid a cheap tablet PC in India

  1. Most of this cheap tablets are available with Android OS 1.5 or 1.6 which is way old than the latest version which is 3.0. If you are looking an Android tablet to get the biggest advantage of using the wide range of free apps in the Android Market, you will not be so happy on this point. Most of the new apps are designed for the latest Android OS which is not compatible with the old version.
  2. To our knowledge the cheaply made tablets are mostly comes with the VIA WM 8505 processor which not suitable for the latest Android OS and for the latest applications which needs more processing power. So, there is no hope on upgrading your OS to the latest Android OS.
  3. The processor speed to execute the heavy graphics is the vital key on any tablet to experience the best user feeling. The cheaply available tablets will not provide the same user experience like the expensive tablets.
  4. For better touch response and long durability of the capacitive type touch screens are missing on these cheap tablets. These tablets are all comes with the Resistive type  touch screen, which will really become worse after some usage. If you use a tablet with capacitive touch screen after using this cheap tablet with resistive touch screen, you will definitely going to hate this cheaply made gadget.
  5. Most of these tablets retailers are claiming that, these tablets are suitable for watching HD videos. It is not true. The HD video resolution is 1920x1080p and  1280x720p. But these tablets comes with the screen resolution of  800×480 which is not falling on the 16:9 ratio. Also watching HD Youtube videos will become difficult on these videos as the hardware video decoding feature on these tablets are very limited.
  6. Most of these Chinese made cheap tablets are comes without warranty. Even the seller promise you for 1 year warranty, that would be a false claim. There is no way they could provide you a reliable warranty support on these imported tablets. If you are person looking for genuine warranty support from the vendor, better stay away from these tablets particularly from sellers on auction websites.
  7. The camera on these tablets are not of good quality. The resolution and the picture quality are all very poor.
  8. Playing your compressed videos on these tablets are not smooth. They claim that we could play 3gp, MPEG4, H264 videos. Most of these tablets are not having a dedicated hardware to decode these type of highly compressed videos. The lack of hardware decode support will put all the load on the processor which is mostly not capable to handle high resolution compressed videos.
  9. As the OS is very old, you can not get better driver support for your externally connected hardware.
  10. The quality of the entire hardware is very poor including the accessories comes with that. There are so many complaints on different forums like, Adapter not working, USB drive not detecting, WiFi not working, etc., in the hope of getting some help from some expert users. But, there is no way to get the proper resolution as these tablets are all imported and distributed in India without any warranty.


It is purely a risky decision on buying these imported tablets without any Manufacturer label on it and without any kind of warranty support. If you are looking for a cheap tablet, better wait for little longer to see tablets with latest Rockchip, VIA or Telechip processors. Visit this page to know better on tablet processors.



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  2. thanks for valuble info... sir what about android 2.2 ?

    1. Sorry for the late reply
      Now android is with 4.0.3(Ice cream Sandwitch) Version. so its worse to buy it......

      so you can go with Hcl ME U1 Tab Of This Android Version...

      Buy it and Enjoy the new upgraded android


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